Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Century Egg & Pork Porridge

This classic Cantonese porridge is so easy to make at home. My mom put the century eggs in half way during cooking, but since my daughter is still young, we add the century eggs last as garnish.


(for a 10l soup pot)
Soft Bone, 400gm
Soup Bone, 400gm
Medium dried scallop, 2-3pcs soaked
Small dried oyster, 4-5pcs soaked
Century Eggs, 2
Rice, 2-3 cups

1. Season bones and meat with 2 tsp of salt, marinate for 2-3 hrs or overnight
2. wash rice in soup pot, fill to 3/4 full, add in soaked dried scallop and oyster also the soaking water
3. wash the bones to remove excess salt, add to the soup pot. top up water to about 80% full
4. bring to the boil for 30 mins, simmer in low heat for 1hr, till rice 'open' up and porridge thicken
5. fish out the bones and stripe the meat off the bone, chop the meat and return to porridge
6. chopped century egg and add to porridge or use as garnish

- Soup bone has more meat and soft bone give more taste to the porridge
- When porridge start to boil, place 2 chopsticks underneath the cover to prevent spilling.

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