Friday, August 3, 2007

Vegetable Stock - Western style

Vegetable is very easy to make, simply throw in some sweet tasting, aromatic vegetables and herbs and boil for 1-2 hrs until the taste infused in the broth. It can be used as stock base in soups and sauces. This picture shown has stalks of lemongrass in it as I was making lemongrass scented pumpkin soup. Usually I will put in a stalk of celery, a few bay leaves and a pinch of herb of provence for a proper vegetable stock and also whatever veg I could find in my fridge's veg section.


Carrots, 2
Celery, 1 stalk
Corn, 1 -2
flat leaf parsley, 1 bunch
onions, 1-2
bay leaves, 2-3 pcs
dried herbs, 1 tsp or bouquet garni

1. roughly chop up the vegetables
2. In a soup pot, add about 1.5 l of water, and vegetables
3. Bring to the boil, then lower the heat to simmer for 1-2 hrs.
4. Lightly season the stock with salt and pepper

- Do not over season the stock, it is better to season the finished products you use the stock for
- You can add chicken carcases to turn this into chicken stock