Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Carrot Soup

This wonderful Carrot Soup is scented with ginger, which enhances the carrot taste and making it light and wholesome. I made the vegetable stock used in this recipe by boiling celery stalks, leek tops, onions and garlic, carrot peels with some bay leaves. My daughter loves this soup so much that shecould finish a big bowl of the soup by herself!


Carrot, 1kg, peeled and cut lengthwise
Ginger, 1 pc, cut into small pieces
Onion, 1, chopped
Potato, 1, chopped into small pieces

Vegetable Stock, 2-3 cups


1. In a soup pot, fry onion till translucent, add carrot, potato and ginger for about 8mins

2. Add vegetable stock and cook for 30mins

3. puree it with a liquidizer, or in a blender. Add more stock to thin out to your preferred consistency.

4. Add sugar and salt to taste.


- Try other root vegetable like pumpkin, butternut squash

- Try roasting the carrots in the oven for a deeper flavour.


Rachael said...

Sounds simple for a novice cook (like me). May I know how to prepare vegetable stock? Any recipe to share?

Danny said...

Just boil together 1 stalk of celery, the peels from the carrots, leek tops, onions, add a touch of herb and 2 pcs bay leaves. It should be ready in 1.5 hr. You can freeze the remaining stock into blocks and keep for a longer time