Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chicken Wings with Red Beancurd Sauce

This is my wife's favourite and I usually make it for dinner on the day after we bicker. It really works pacifying her!! We usually cook more rice to go with this dish, the sauce is soooo great!!


Chicken Wings, 1kg (if using whole wing, cut into 3 parts)
Dark Soy Sauce, 2-3 tbsp (for color)
Light Soy Sauce, 2-3 tbsp

Red Beancurd, 2pcs
Chinese Wine (Rose dew/Hau Diew) 2 tbsp
Oil, 2 tbsp
brown sugar block(pin tong), 1/2 - 3/4 stripe
Ginger, 2 slices

1. Heat a wok in medium to high heat, pour in oil and when oil is hot, put in ginger slices

2. add red beancurd in the wok, mash it and let it crackle for 1-2 mins, don't burn it

3. add chicken wings, stir and coat chicken wings evenly with red beancurd

4. add chinese wine, give a few stirs

5. add dark and light soy sauce

6. add water till chicken wings are 3/4 covered,
and brown sugar block

7. Cover the wok and cook for 10mins stirring occasionally, when the sauce start boiling, turn to medium-low heat and cook for another 15mins, adjust seasoning for taste, cover and cook for a further 10mins

8. If the sauce seems watery, plate the chicken wings, turn up the fire and reduce the sauce to thicken to desired consistency, return the wings to the sauce to coat evenly, plate and serve!

- Do not over season when cooking, the sweetness and saltiness increase when the sauce thickens

- I prefer red beancurd sold in pottery container, the quality seems to be better

- brown sugar block is usually sold as a block containing a few stripes, the appear layered. It is much more flavourful than caster sugar.


Santhi said...

Where can i get red beancurd- wet mkt, shop selling tahu etc or supermarket? TIA

Danny said...

You can find red beancurd in supermarkets.

Elijah's mummy said...

Hi , i really like your recipes and hope to see more.. coz my hb loves home food but i am failure in cooking..i am tryin gout this dish..this week end..thanks

Danny said...

Please let me know how it comes out... Hope your hubby loves it too!! Great serve with blanched iceberg luttce

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny, Just to let you know I try this recipe yesterday and it turn up to be so good. This is going to be a keeper. Thanks for the recipe.